Autoradiography of [3H]Aspartate and Glutamate Transport in Schizophrenia

  title={Autoradiography of [3H]Aspartate and Glutamate Transport in Schizophrenia},
  author={Vladimir Josef Balcar and Ellas K. Nanitsos},
Quantitative autoradiography is uniquely useful in being able to show the distribution of important binding sites in situ, at the same time providing information on their affinities and pharmacological profiles. The results are, however, strongly influenced by the choice of radioligands. This is particularly relevant for the studies of glutamate transport (Scarr et al, 2005). GLAST (EAAT1) and GLT (EAAT2) are by far the most abundant excitatory amino-acid transporters (EAAT’s) in the CNS (see… CONTINUE READING