Autophosphorylation of a newly identified site of Aurora-B is indispensable for cytokinesis.

  title={Autophosphorylation of a newly identified site of Aurora-B is indispensable for cytokinesis.},
  author={Yoshihiro Yasui and Takeshi Urano and Aie Kawajiri and Koh-Ichi Nagata and Masaaki Tatsuka and Hideyuki Saya and Koichi Furukawa and Toshitada Takahashi and Ichiro Izawa and Masaki Inagaki},
  journal={The Journal of biological chemistry},
  volume={279 13},
Mitotic kinases regulate cell division and its checkpoints, errors of which can lead to aneuploidy or genetic instability. One of these is Aurora-B, a key kinase that is required for chromosome alignment at the metaphase plate and for cytokinesis in mammalian cells. We report here that human Aurora-B is phosphorylated at Thr-232 through interaction with the inner centromere protein (INCENP) in vivo. The phosphorylation of Thr-232 occurs by means of an autophosphorylation mechanism, which is… CONTINUE READING
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