Autophagy links inflammasomes to atherosclerotic progression.

  title={Autophagy links inflammasomes to atherosclerotic progression.},
  author={Babak Razani and Chu Feng and Trey Coleman and Roy Emanuel and Haitao Wen and Seungmin Hwang and Jenny P-Y Ting and Herbert W Virgin and Michael B. Kastan and Clay F Semenkovich},
  journal={Cell metabolism},
  volume={15 4},
We investigated the role of autophagy in atherosclerosis. During plaque formation in mice, autophagic markers colocalized predominantly with macrophages (mφ). Atherosclerotic aortas had elevated levels of p62, suggesting that dysfunctional autophagy is characteristic of plaques. To determine whether autophagy directly influences atherogenesis, we characterized Beclin-1 heterozygous-null and mφ-specific ATG5-null (ATG5-mφKO) mice, commonly used models of autophagy haploinsufficiency and… CONTINUE READING