Autophagy induced by resveratrol suppresses α-MSH-induced melanogenesis.

  title={Autophagy induced by resveratrol suppresses α-MSH-induced melanogenesis.},
  author={Eun Sung Kim and Huikyoung Chang and Hyunjung Choi and Ji Hyun Shin and So Jung Park and Yoon Kyung Jo and Eun Sun Choi and Seok Yun Baek and Byung-Gyu Kim and Jong Wook Chang and Jin Cheon Kim and Dong-Hyung Cho},
  journal={Experimental dermatology},
  volume={23 3},
Autophagy degrades cellular components and organelles through a cooperative process involving autophagosomes and lysosomes. Although autophagy is known to mainly regulate the turnover of cellular components, the role of autophagy in melanogenesis has not been well addressed. Here, we show that inhibition of autophagy suppresses the antimelanogenesis activity of resveratrol (RSV), a well-known antimelanogenic agent. RSV strongly increased autophagy in melanocytes. However, the depletion of ATG5… CONTINUE READING

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