Autophagic cell death and its execution by lysosomal cathepsins.

  title={Autophagic cell death and its execution by lysosomal cathepsins.},
  author={Yasuo Uchiyama},
  journal={Archives of histology and cytology},
  volume={64 3},
In the last decade, the molecular mechanisms of apoptosis, a major type of active cell death (type I cell death) have largely been clarified in mammalian cells. Particularly, the caspase family of proteinases has been shown to play crucial roles in the execution of apoptosis. Differing from apoptosis, type II cell death is known to be associated with autophagosomes/autolysosomes and appear in the developing nervous system (CLARKE, 1990). We have previously shown that delayed neuronal death… CONTINUE READING
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