Autophagic Degradation of the 26S Proteasome Is Mediated by the Dual ATG8/Ubiquitin Receptor RPN10 in Arabidopsis.

  title={Autophagic Degradation of the 26S Proteasome Is Mediated by the Dual ATG8/Ubiquitin Receptor RPN10 in Arabidopsis.},
  author={R. S. Marshall and F. Li and D. C. Gemperline and A. Book and R. Vierstra},
  journal={Molecular cell},
  volume={58 6},
  • R. S. Marshall, F. Li, +2 authors R. Vierstra
  • Published 2015
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Molecular cell
  • Autophagic turnover of intracellular constituents is critical for cellular housekeeping, nutrient recycling, and various aspects of growth and development in eukaryotes. [...] Key Result Using Arabidopsis proteasomes tagged with GFP, we observed their deposition into vacuoles via a route requiring components of the autophagy machinery. This transport can be initiated separately by nitrogen starvation and chemical or genetic inhibition of the proteasome, implying distinct induction mechanisms.Expand Abstract
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