• Psychology
  • Published 2002

Autopercepción de estrés laboral y distrés: un estudio empírico en la policía municipal

  title={Autopercepci{\'o}n de estr{\'e}s laboral y distr{\'e}s: un estudio emp{\'i}rico en la polic{\'i}a municipal},
  author={Esther Torres {\'A}lvarez and Xabier San Sebasti{\'a}n and Roberto Ibarretxe and Jos{\'e} Mar{\'i}a Zumalabe},
Self-perceived of laboral stress and distress: an empirical study in the local police. The aim of this empirical study was to identify and analyse a set of occupational and organisational stressors associated with self-perceived of stress, as well as the distress understood as depression, hostility and somatic symptoms, in a local police sample of the Basque Country (Spain). A questionnaire of 65 items has been elaborated to evaluate the stress, and was applied to 353 polices. By exploratory… CONTINUE READING


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