Autonomous cortisol secretion by a lipoid cell tumor of the ovary.

  title={Autonomous cortisol secretion by a lipoid cell tumor of the ovary.},
  author={Ryszard J. Chetkowski and Howard L. Judd and Pamela Jagger and Roberta K. Nieberg and R Jeffrey Chang},
  volume={254 18},
LIPOID cell tumors are rare ovarian neoplasms that often secrete androgens and manifest themselves with symptoms of virilization. For this reason, androgen secretion has been studied in several previous cases. 1-6 Cushingoid features have also been associated with a few of these patients, 1,4,7,8 but in only one was cortisol secretion by the tumor adequately documented. 9 This article describes a young woman with hirsutism and amenorrhea due to a lipoid cell tumor of the ovary and… CONTINUE READING

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