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Autonomous Moving Technology for Future Urban Transport

  title={Autonomous Moving Technology for Future Urban Transport},
  author={Y. Hosoda and Masashi Koga and Kenjiro Yamamoto},
INTRODUCTION AS the world’s population have been increasing in the 21st century, more than half people on the earth now lives in urban areas. The construction of urban transport infrastructure that suits activities of people, environmental requirement, and financial restriction has become even more important. Developed economies in Europe and America as well as Japan are also experiencing problems such as aging populations and a hollowing-out of city centers. This is underpinning a notable… Expand
Car-like mobile robot navigation in unknown urban areas
This paper implements an automated transportation system allowing passengers on a car-like robot to reach their destination safely, intelligently and autonomously using FNN (Fuzzy neural networks) approach. Expand
General Video Game Playing
This work seeks to extend the idea of General Game Playing into the realm of video games, thus forming the area of General Video Game Playing (GVGP), and proposes that the existing Physical Travelling Salesman software could be extended for these purposes. Expand
78 General Video Game Playing 1 Motivation
One of the grand challenges of AI is to create general intelligence: an agent that can excel at many tasks, not just one. In the area of games, this has given rise to the challenge of General GameExpand
Artificial and Computational Intelligence in Games
The aim for the seminar was to bring together creative experts in an intensive meeting with the common goals of gaining a deeper understanding of various aspects of artificial and computational intelligence in games, to help identify the main challenges in game AI research and the most promising venues to deal with them. Expand


Acquisition of 3D Environment Shape for Autonomous Outdoor Movement Using 2D Range Scanner Able to be Oriented in Pitch and Roll Axes,
  • Proc. of SI’09 (Dec
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Human-Symbiotic Robot "EMIEW"
Joined Hitachi, Ltd. in 1979, and now works at the Hitachi Research Laboratory. He is currently engaged in the development of a human-symbiotic robot. Mr. Hosoda is a member of The Japan Society
  • 1979