Autonomic dysfunction in rheumatic diseases.

  title={Autonomic dysfunction in rheumatic diseases.},
  author={Rainer H Straub and Christoph G. O. Baerwald and Matthias Wahle and Wilfrid J{\"a}nig},
  journal={Rheumatic diseases clinics of North America},
  volume={31 1},
  pages={61-75, viii}
Patients who have rheumatic diseases often present with dysfunctions that are related to the autonomic nervous system (ANS) and are due to peripheral autonomic neuropathy or central changes. This article describes the prevalence of autonomic dysfunctions in patients who have rheumatic diseases. In the second part of this article, another form of ANS dysfunction-complex regional pain syndromes-is demonstrated. Clinically, these syndromes are characterized by pain (spontaneous, hyperalgesia… CONTINUE READING

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