Autonomic cardiovascular control and diastolic dysfunction in hypertensive subjects.

  title={Autonomic cardiovascular control and diastolic dysfunction in hypertensive subjects.},
  author={Gianfranco Piccirillo and Giuseppe Germano and Antonio Vitarelli and Maddalena Ragazzo and Silvia di Carlo and Tiziana De Laurentis and Alessia Torrini and Sabrina Matera and Marzia Magnanti and Nicolino Marchitto and Livia Bonanni and Damiano Magr{\'i}},
  journal={International journal of cardiology},
  volume={110 2},
BACKGROUND Early hypertension is associated with left ventricular diastolic dysfunction due to increased end-diastolic pressure. This increase, through the cardiopulmonary reflexes, can influence autonomic cardiovascular control. METHODS We assessed autonomic nervous system modulation of cardiovascular signals by power spectral analysis of RR interval and systolic arterial pressure variabilities in subjects with recently diagnosed hypertension with or without diastolic dysfunction and in… CONTINUE READING


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