Autonomic RSS: Discarding Irrelevant News

  title={Autonomic RSS: Discarding Irrelevant News},
  author={Wallace A. Pinheiro and Thiago de S. Rodrigues and Marcelo A. R. da Silva and Marcio A. N. da Silva and Marcelino Campos Oliveira Silva and Geraldo Xex{\'e}o and Jano Moreira de Souza},
  journal={2009 Fifth International Conference on Autonomic and Autonomous Systems},
Information overload is becoming a big problem in the modern world. Several technologies face this problem, amongst them feed aggregators. Using this technology, users receive a huge amount of news that may contain a large number of irrelevant bits of information. This paper discusses this problem and provides an autonomic way to reduce it through the use of Data Killing Operators. These operators use SECONDO database based on high-level Petri nets patterns.