Automorphisms of Finite Abelian Groups

  title={Automorphisms of Finite Abelian Groups},
  author={Christopher J. Hillar and Darren L. Rhea},
  journal={The American Mathematical Monthly},
  pages={917 - 923}
  • C. Hillar, D. Rhea
  • Published 8 May 2006
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • The American Mathematical Monthly
Much less known, however, is that there is a description of Aut(G), the automorphism group of G. The first compete characterization that we are aware of is contained in a paper by Ranum [1] near the turn of the last century. Beyond this, however, there are few other expositions [4]. Our goal is to fill this gap, thereby providing a much needed accessible and modern treatment. Our characterization of Aut(G) is accomplished in three main steps. The first observation is that it is enough to work… Expand
Let G be a group. The groups G ' for which G is an automorphism group have not been fully characterized. Suppose R is a Completely Primary finite Ring with Jacobson Radical J such that J 2 = (0). InExpand
Automorphism Groups of Quandles
We prove that the automorphism group of the dihedral quandle with n elements is isomorphic to the affine group of the integers mod n, and also obtain the inner automorphism group of this quandle. InExpand
On the Fixed Points of Abelian Group Automorphisms
In this article, we present general properties of xed-point groups of the automorphisms of nite groups. Speci cally, we determine the form of xed-point groups and partition Aut(G) according to theExpand
Nilpotent groups related to an automorphism
AbstractThe aim of this paper is to state some results on an $$\alpha $$α-nilpotent group, which was recently introduced by Barzegar and Erfanian (Caspian J. Math. Sci. 4(2) (2015) 271–283), for anyExpand
Fuchs' problem for p-groups
Abstract Which groups can be the group of units in a ring? This open question, posed by Laszlo Fuchs in 1960, has been studied by the authors and others with a variety of restrictions on either theExpand
General Linear Groups as Automorphism Groups
Let G be a finite p-group, where p is a prime number and Aut(G )b e the automorphism group of G. We prove that if Aut(G) is isomorphic to GL(n,p) for some positive integer n, then G is an elementaryExpand
Fixed points of automorphisms of certain finite groups
Let G = Zp2 × Zp3 be a finite group of order p5. Suppose that d is a divisor of the order of group G. In this article, we enumerated all automorphisms of G fixing d elements of G and denote them byExpand
Abelian Hopf Galois structures on prime-power Galois field extensions
The main theorem of this paper is that if (N, +) is a finite abelian p-group of p-rank m where m + 1 < p, then every regular abelian subgroup of the holomorph of N is isomorphic to N . The proofExpand
Finite groups with only small automorphism orbits
Abstract We study finite groups G such that the maximum length of an orbit of the natural action of the automorphism group Aut ⁢ ( G ) {\mathrm{Aut}(G)} on G is bounded from above by a constant. OurExpand
In this article we introduce and study the concept of characteristic degree of a subgroup in a finite group. We define the characteristic degree of a subgroup H in a finite group G as the ratio ofExpand


The order of the automorphism group of finite abelian group
Up to now,for any given finite abelian group,it havn't been found any paper gave a general formula to calculate the order of the automorphism group of the group.By discussing the bases of the groupExpand
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λ + c0 be the characteristic polynomial of an n-by-n matrix A over a given field K. The elegant proof of the Cayley-Hamilton theorem of [1, p. 50] can be easily modified to prove that
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1 Aadj = An'x + cn_! An~2 +
  • + ci