Automorphic equivalence preserves the split property

  title={Automorphic equivalence preserves the split property},
  author={Alvin Moon},
  journal={Journal of Functional Analysis},
  • Alvin Moon
  • Published 3 March 2019
  • Mathematics
  • Journal of Functional Analysis

Classification of equivariant approximately locality-preserving unitaries on spin chains

We extend the classification of approximately locality-preserving unitaries (ALPUs) on spin chains recently obtained by [1] to take a local symmetry action of a finite symmetry group G into account.

Automorphic equivalence within gapped phases in the bulk

Stability of the spectral gap and ground state indistinguishability for a decorated AKLT model

. We use cluster expansions to establish local indistiguishability of the finite-volume ground states for the AKLT model on decorated hexagonal lattices with decoration parameter at least 5. Our

A classification of invertible phases of bosonic quantum lattice systems in one dimension

We study invertible states of 1d bosonic quantum lattice systems. We show that every invertible 1d state is in a trivial phase: after tensoring with some unentangled ancillas it can be disentangled

On ℤ2-indices for ground states of fermionic chains

For parity-conserving fermionic chains, we review how to associate [Formula: see text]-indices to ground states in finite systems with quadratic and higher-order interactions as well as to quasifree

M ay 2 01 9 On Z 2-indices for ground states of fermionic chains

For parity-conserving fermionic chains, we review how to associate Z2-indices to ground states in finite systems with quadratic and higher-order interactions as well as to quasifree ground states on

Quasi-Locality Bounds for Quantum Lattice Systems. Part II. Perturbations of Frustration-Free Spin Models with Gapped Ground States

We study the stability with respect to a broad class of perturbations of gapped ground-state phases of quantum spin systems defined by frustration-free Hamiltonians. The core result of this work is a

The Split and Approximate Split Property in 2D Systems: Stability and Absence of Superselection Sectors

The split property of a pure state for a certain cut of a quantum spin system can be understood as the entanglement between the two subsystems being weak. From this point of view, we may say that if



The Split Property and the Symmetry Breaking¶of the Quantum Spin Chain

Abstract: We consider the relationship between the symmetry breaking and the split property of pure states of quantum spin chains. We obtain a representation theoretic condition implying that the

Spectral gap, and split property in quantum spin chains

In this article, we consider a class of ground states with spectral gap for quantum spin chains on an integer lattice and we prove that the factorization lemma of Hastings [“Topology and phases in

Topological Phase Transition and Z_{2} Index for S=1 Quantum Spin Chains.

  • H. Tasaki
  • Mathematics
    Physical review letters
  • 2018
By using the index, this work provides the first rigorous proof of the existence of a "topological" phase transition, which cannot be characterized by any conventional order parameters, between the Affleck-Kennedy-Lieb-Tasaki (AKLT) model and trivial models.


We show that boundedness of entanglement entropy for pure states of bipartite quantum spin systems implies split property of subsystems. As a corollary, in one-dimensional quantum spin chains, we

Entanglement spectrum of a topological phase in one dimension

We show that the Haldane phase of S=1 chains is characterized by a double degeneracy of the entanglement spectrum. The degeneracy is protected by a set of symmetries (either the dihedral group of

On Gapped Phases with a Continuous Symmetry and Boundary Operators

We discuss the role of compact symmetry groups, G, in the classification of gapped ground state phases of quantum spin systems. We consider two representations of G on infinite subsystems. First, in

A $${{\mathbb {Z}}}_2$$-Index of Symmetry Protected Topological Phases with Time Reversal Symmetry for Quantum Spin Chains

  • Y. Ogata
  • Physics, Mathematics
    Communications in Mathematical Physics
  • 2019
We introduce a ${\mathbb Z}_2$-index for time reversal invariant Hamiltonians with unique gapped ground state on quantum spin chains. We show this is an invariant of a $C^1$-classification of gapped

Stability of gapped ground state phases of spins and fermions in one dimension

We investigate the persistence of spectral gaps of one-dimensional frustration free quantum lattice systems under weak perturbations and with open boundary conditions. Assuming the interactions of

Lieb-Robinson Bounds for Harmonic and Anharmonic Lattice Systems

We prove Lieb-Robinson bounds for systems defined on infinite dimensional Hilbert spaces and described by unbounded Hamiltonians. In particular, we consider harmonic and certain anharmonic lattice

Lieb–Schultz–Mattis Type Theorems for Quantum Spin Chains Without Continuous Symmetry

We prove that a quantum spin chain with half-odd-integral spin cannot have a unique ground state with a gap, provided that the interaction is short ranged, translation invariant, and possesses