Automobile Electrical And Electronic Systems

  title={Automobile Electrical And Electronic Systems},
  author={Tom Denton},

Influência da potência do motor do grupo gerador na limitação de produção de energia elétrica de um sistema formado por um gaseificador/grupo gerador

Throughout the modern era, humanity has been using fossil fuels to meet their needs. Coal, oil and natural gas have contributed to the lighting and functioning of machines, promoting the quality of

Considerations for starting combustion engines with AC machines

To initiate its combustion cycles, internal combustion engines require a minimum rotational speed that can be given from several sources (muscular, electrical, pneumatic, among others). Advantages of

Uma contribuição ao controle de motores de combustão interna de ignição por centelha na condição de marcha lenta

O presente trabalho situa-se no contexto do desenvolvimento de uma Unidade de Controle Eletronico (Electronic Control Unit - ECU) aberta, que tem por objetivo suprir a carencia de um sistema de

Parameter Identification of Nonlinear System on Combustion Engine Based MVEM using PEM

This research produces an open loop estimator model or AFR virtual sensors with normalized root mean square error (NRMSE) = 0.06831 = 6.831%.

Impact of adding ethanol to gasoline on greenhouse gas emissions

The growing concern about one of the biggest environmental problems today, air pollution and its effects on the population, resulted in several studies and research to minimize the impacts on global

Recognizing Significant Components of Electrical Waveforms of Actuators Operated by Vehicle Controllers

This work discusses the proposition of the identification of electrical waveforms resulting from the executive systems’ operation, controlled by the vehicle electronic modules. This proposition

Design and Implementation of an Automatic Speed Control System of Vehicles for Avoiding Road Accidents in Bangladesh

  • U. HafsaF. Arifin
  • Computer Science, Engineering
    Journal of Physics: Conference Series
  • 2022
The main idea of the proposed system is to design a speed control system where the vehicle can adjust the speed depending upon the speed limit of the road.

Electric Power Steering Power Circuit Health Assessment and Mitigation Strategy

With recent developments of energy efficient design and control for electric motors, electrical subsystems and components have become integral parts of main actuators in vehicle systems (e.g.,

System and Software Testing in Automotive: an Empirical Study on Process Improvement Areas

  • F. FalciniG. Lami
  • Computer Science
    2021 14th IEEE Conference on Software Testing, Verification and Validation (ICST)
  • 2021
A picture is derived of the state-of-the-practice of system and software testing in automotive focusing on the development of software-intensive automotive components to provide researchers and practitioners with a reference for improvement initiatives aimed at solving weaknesses.