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Automating Dynamic Layout Construction

  title={Automating Dynamic Layout Construction},
  author={P. P. Zoueina and I. D. Tommeleinb},
A critical problem in dynamic environments and especially on construction sites is coordinating the use of limited space to accommodate resources and their changing demand for space over time. This paper presents a heuristic model that allocates site space to resources associated with an activity schedule so that no spatial conflicts would arise and all resources can be functional. It addresses the dynamic layout planning problem, which involves creating a sequence of layouts that span the… 

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An automated dynamic site layout planning system - a case study of Egypt
This research developed an automated dynamic site layout planning system (ASLS) which had positive impacts on the construction industry in terms of improving the site layout and space planning, maintaining the construction projects cost and time; improving the overall safety of construction sites; and protecting the surrounding environment.
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Construction field operations are markedly inefficient in terms of where and how materials get stored and handled. This is often due uncertainty at the time of advance planning, the difficulties
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Space Schedule Construction
The layout of temporary facilities on a construction site is affected by changes in a construction schedule, including changes in activity duration, resource selection, and resource allocation
Interactive Dynamic Layout Planning
The MovePlan model enables users to model approximate site space needs during project scheduling and to create layouts for different stages of construction, and can be integrated with off-the-shelf project-management software.
A Model to Quantify Work Space Availability for Space—Contrained Scheduling Within a CAD Environment
A model to generate work space availability of the process work area directly from a CAD model is described using a proposed work area block structure hierarchy and integrates several procedures to quantify and extract the three dimensional space of the work area utilizing computer modeling capabilities and geometric reasoning.
wall 1-2: S. wall trench (10x1) P-2: Crane (2x2)
  • wall 1-2: S. wall trench (10x1) P-2: Crane (2x2)
Activity Description Independent Re sources Dependent Resources
  • Activity Description Independent Re sources Dependent Resources
wall 1-3: N. wall trench (10x1) C-1-1: Lumber (2x5)
  • wall 1-3: N. wall trench (10x1) C-1-1: Lumber (2x5)
Site Material Management System
  • Proc. CIB 92 World Bldg. Congress, Natl. Research Council Ottawa
  • 1992
Act-2; C-1-1 6 I 1
  • Act-2; C-1-1 6 I 1