Automating DAML-S Web Services Composition Using SHOP2

  title={Automating DAML-S Web Services Composition Using SHOP2},
  author={Dan Wu and Bijan Parsia and Evren Sirin and James A. Hendler and Dana S. Nau},
  booktitle={International Semantic Web Conference},
The DAML-S Process Model is designed to support the application of AI planning techniques to the automated composition of Web services. SHOP2 is an Hierarchical Task Network (HTN) planner well-suited for working with the Process Model. We have proven the correspondence between the semantics of SHOP2 and the situation calculus semantics of the Process Model. We have also implemented a system which soundly and completely plans over sets of DAML-S descriptions using a SHOP2 planner, and then… CONTINUE READING

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