Automatic programming of APL functions for screen management


Defining and processing screen displays at present is typically a tedious and system dependent task. In this paper, four fundamental primitive-type functions are proposed for managing input and output for a display controlled via a user-accessible memory mapped screen organization. A utility is described in this context for relieving the programmer from the repetitive tasks of coding input/output instructions and the associated functions for data type checking. The programmer may define forms, protected text information, unprotected fields, and field attributes in a user-friendly manner. Necessary APL functions for performing the actual user/display interaction are generated either by the utility at the time the form is defined, or dynamically via a virtual memory management strategy. As a result, the programmer's efforts may be concentrated on the actual processing of information, minimizing the time needed to prepare a user-friendly interface. Details are supplied as they pertain to APLSV in the IBM 5120 environment.

DOI: 10.1145/800062.801214

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