[Automatic perimetry of the central visual field in diseases of the macula].


We developed a program for testing the central 12 degrees of the visual field with a spatial resolution of 1.6 degrees that was easy to operate. The program was designed for the Octopus computer-perimeter and created by means of the SARGON-utility. Our way of examining differed slightly from the standard Octopus procedure. We tested 16 normal eyes and 13 eyes of patients with various diseases of the central retina. Our normal values of differential threshold sensitivities were about 1.8 dB below the normal values of the Octopus system. Sensitivity and specificity of the program were nearly identical irrespective of using our normal values or the Octopus normal values for the calculation of the above mentioned parameters. Sensitivity was 84.6%, specificity 87.5%. The ability of the program to correctly localize retinal defects was shown. The program was designed for follow-up of patients having undergone paramacular lasercoagulation.

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@article{Janknecht1991AutomaticPO, title={[Automatic perimetry of the central visual field in diseases of the macula].}, author={Prof. Dr. P. Janknecht and Jos{\'e} Marcelo Soriano and Jens Funk and Lutz Lothar Hansen}, journal={Klinische Monatsblätter für Augenheilkunde}, year={1991}, volume={199 4}, pages={259-63} }