Automatic myocardial segmentation by using a deep learning network in cardiac MRI

  title={Automatic myocardial segmentation by using a deep learning network in cardiac MRI},
  author={A. Curiale and F. D. Colavecchia and Pablo Kaluza and R. Isoardi and G. Mato},
  journal={2017 XLIII Latin American Computer Conference (CLEI)},
Cardiac function is of paramount importance for both prognosis and treatment of different pathologies such as mitral regurgitation, ischemia, dyssynchrony and myocarditis. [...] Key Method We present several improvements to previous works in this paper: we propose to use the Jaccard distance as optimization objective function, we integrate a residual learning strategy into the code, and we introduce a batch normalization layer to train the fully convolutional neural network. Our results demonstrate that this…Expand
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