Automatic localization of epileptic zones using magnetoencephalography.

  title={Automatic localization of epileptic zones using magnetoencephalography.},
  author={Jing Xiang and Stephanie A. Holowka and Hui Qiao and Binbin Sun and Zheng Xiao and Yubao Jiang and Donald Wilson and S. H. Chuang},
  journal={Neurology & clinical neurophysiology : NCN},
Conventional visual identification of epileptic spike is a challenging problem in the clinical application of magnetoencephalography (MEG). More importantly, the conventional method has problems of detecting other abnormalities such as high frequency oscillation in the human epileptic brain. The objective of this study was to develop a new approach using magnetic spectral analysis and spatial filtering. Twelve patients with seizure have been studied with a whole cortex MEG system. Fifteen… CONTINUE READING