Automatic hole-filling of CAD models with feature-preserving


In this paper, we propose an automatic hole-filling method, particularly for recovering missing feature curves and corners. We first extract the feature vertices around a hole of a CAD model and classify them into different feature sets. These feature sets are then automatically paired, using ordered double normals, Gaussian mapping and convex/concave… (More)
DOI: 10.1016/j.cag.2011.12.007


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@article{Wang2012AutomaticHO, title={Automatic hole-filling of CAD models with feature-preserving}, author={Xiaochao Wang and Xiuping Liu and Linfa Lu and Baojun Li and Junjie Cao and Baocai Yin and Xiquan Shi}, journal={Computers & Graphics}, year={2012}, volume={36}, pages={101-110} }