Automatic genre recognition and adaptive text summarization

  title={Automatic genre recognition and adaptive text summarization},
  author={Viatcheslav Yatsko and Maxim Starikov and Alexander V. Butakov},
  journal={Automatic Documentation and Mathematical Linguistics},
This paper describes an experimental method for automatic text genre recognition based on 45 statistical, lexical, syntactic, positional, and discursive parameters. The suggested method includes: (1) the development of software permitting heterogeneous parameters to be normalized and clustered using the k-means algorithm; (2) the verification of parameters; (3) the selection of the parameters that are the most significant for scientific, newspaper, and artistic texts using two-factor analysis… Expand
A practical method of automatic recognition of the text genre based on all parameters is described and the choice of the most important parameters for the texts was considered. Expand
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The method of zonal correlation text analysis
  • V. Yatsko
  • Computer Science
  • Automatic Documentation and Mathematical Linguistics
  • 2014
This paper analyses the method of zonal correlation text analysis based on the comparison of the distribution of word counts in the J1 zones of two or more texts to obtain adequate results based on a limited number of parameters. Expand
Cross-Lingual Genre Classification
The first approach to this task is introduced, which exploits text features that can be considered stable genre predictors across languages and is shown to perform equally well or better than full text translation combined with monolingual classification, while requiring fewer resources. Expand
texts ) Review Editorial Official Document Skill & Hobbies Reportage Popular Lore Biography & Essay Scientific text Fiction
Cross-lingual methods can bring the benefits of genre classification to languages which lack genre-annotated training data. However, prior work in this field has been evaluated on coarse genres only.Expand
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Some Issues in Automatic Genre Classification of Web Pages
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Vue d'ensemble sur l'histoire du genre des documents (genre litteraire, scientifique, didactique...). Application de certains aspects de la tradition a la conception de systemes d'information actuels.
The Method for Estimating the Operating Benefits of Modern Auto  matic Text Summarization Systems , Nauchno  Tekh
  • 2002