Automatic external defibrillator: key link in the chain of survival.

  title={Automatic external defibrillator: key link in the chain of survival.},
  author={Rudolph Willem Koster},
  journal={Journal of cardiovascular electrophysiology},
  volume={13 1 Suppl},
INTRODUCTION Sudden cardiac death is a major health problem. Worldwide success of resuscitation from out-of-hospital cardiac arrest is modest, with 5% to 10% survival to hospital discharge. METHODS AND RESULTS In the chain of survival, early defibrillation (goal <5 min after collapse) is a major determinant of successful outcome of resuscitation. This goal is rarely achieved, but the automatic external defibrillator (AED) is a promising tool for lay defibrillation. The AED is a safe and… CONTINUE READING
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