Automatic detection of spermatozoa for laser capture microdissection

  title={Automatic detection of spermatozoa for laser capture microdissection},
  author={Mado Vandewoestyne and David Van Hoofstat and Filip Van Nieuwerburgh and Dieter Deforce},
  journal={International Journal of Legal Medicine},
In sexual assault crimes, differential extraction of spermatozoa from vaginal swab smears is often ineffective, especially when only a few spermatozoa are present in an overwhelming amount of epithelial cells. Laser capture microdissection (LCM) enables the precise separation of spermatozoa and epithelial cells. However, standard sperm-staining techniques are non-specific and rely on sperm morphology for identification. Moreover, manual screening of the microscope slides is time-consuming and… CONTINUE READING