Automatic detection of fast oscillations (40–200<ce:hsp sp=0.25></ce:hsp>Hz) in scalp EEG recordings

  title={Automatic detection of fast oscillations (40–200<ce:hsp sp=0.25></ce:hsp>Hz) in scalp EEG recordings},
  author={Nicol{\'a}s von Ellenrieder and Luciana Patr{\'i}zia A Andrade-Valença and François Dubeau and Jean Gotman},
  journal={Clinical Neurophysiology},
OBJECTIVE We aim to automatically detect fast oscillations (40-200 Hz) related to epilepsy on scalp EEG recordings. METHODS The detector first finds localized increments of the signal power in narrow frequency bands. A simple classification based on two features, a narrowband to wideband signal amplitude ratio and an absolute narrowband signal amplitude, then allows for an important reduction in the number of false positives. RESULTS When compared to an expert, the performance in 15 focal… CONTINUE READING

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