Automatic assembling apparatus

  title={Automatic assembling apparatus},
  author={다미아끼 마쓰우라 and 다께시 아이바 and 다까시 후꾸시마 and 마사노리 니시무라 and 히로시 오오쓰끼 and 후지오 야부끼 and 도미오 쿠사까베},
A pair of parallel conveyors (9,10) transfer carriers (1), each of which has four chassis with parts to be assembled on it. A number of assembly stations (11, 12, 13) are prepared alongside of the conveyor. Each station has a movable table (31) on which various assembling operations can be performed with respect to the carriers. A carrier loader (34) associated with each assembly station is movable between the table and the conveyors. The loader has a pair of chucking stations (35,36) in… CONTINUE READING

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