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Automatic Vehicle Identification at Tollgates and Theft Detection of Vehicles

  title={Automatic Vehicle Identification at Tollgates and Theft Detection of Vehicles},
  author={A. Jeyashree Kothai and M. Swathi Priya and V. Subhashree},
  journal={International journal of engineering research and technology},
we live in a world where technology is omnipresent. Yet, there are few hurdles which are ought to be overcome. People waiting at toll gates, so as to make their payments is one such time consuming act for which we intend to address a solution through this current project. By designing a simple RFID card holding onto a vehicle with SIM data embedded onto it, whenever a vehicle crosses a toll gate the RFID detector located at the station senses the RF frequency from the vehicle. Through this, we… 



A Survey of RFID Tags

The Radio Frequency Identification System (RFID) has become a popular system and its applications has reached in most of the fields like toll bridge, supply chain management and defense sector (8).

Toll Collection Technology and Best Practices

In this research product, tolling practices and technologies are presented. Likely developments and enhancements are reviewed, along with potential tie-ins to other Intelligent Transportation Systems

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