Automatic Repair Mechanism of Secret Sharing Storage System


For mission-critical and safety-critical systems such as medical, financial, or administrative information systems, a secure and reliable storage system is indispensable. The main purpose of our research is to develop a highly secure and highly reliable storage system. We have proposed a storage system that utilizes a secret sharing scheme. The storage system is called the Secret Sharing Storage System. So far, we have developed a prototype of the storage system. In this paper, we propose an automatic repair mechanism, and an interval decision method for this system. key words: secret sharing scheme, storage system, multi-agent system

DOI: 10.1093/ietisy/e88-d.5.971

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@article{Hayashi2005AutomaticRM, title={Automatic Repair Mechanism of Secret Sharing Storage System}, author={Daisuke Hayashi and Toshiyuki Miyamoto and Shinji Doi and Sadatoshi Kumagai}, journal={IEICE Transactions}, year={2005}, volume={88-D}, pages={971-975} }