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Automatic NODE MCU Based Waste Segregation

  title={Automatic NODE MCU Based Waste Segregation},
  author={A. Kumar and Deepa Ragunathan and K. Dhandapani and N. Meenakshi},
The ever growing human population is imposing a strong demand and pressure on the environment for sustenance. This growth spurt has resulted in a steady increase in the amount of waste being disposed on a daily basis. In most of the developing countries, segregation and timely collection of waste is a major challenge. Due to inefficient waste segregation, a large amount of recyclable content goes as waste. The waste, if not separated properly, gets mixed up and may eventually leak, resulting in… Expand


SmartBin-Automatic waste segregation and collection
  • M. Jayson, S. Hiremath, Lakshmi H R
  • Environmental Science
  • 2018 Second International Conference on Advances in Electronics, Computers and Communications (ICAECC)
  • 2018
Automatic solid waste extraction and segregation for sewage drain management