Automatic Multiclass Document Classification of Hindi Poems using Machine Learning Techniques

  title={Automatic Multiclass Document Classification of Hindi Poems using Machine Learning Techniques},
  author={Kaushika Pal and Biraj V. Patel},
  journal={2020 International Conference for Emerging Technology (INCET)},
  • Kaushika Pal, B. Patel
  • Published 1 June 2020
  • Computer Science
  • 2020 International Conference for Emerging Technology (INCET)
Text Classification of Indic language face fundamental challenges in terms of achieving good accuracy, as the languages are morphologically rich and too much information is fused in words. In this paper an actual experiment implemented is demonstrated for Classification of Hindi Poem documents to classify poems into 3 classes namely Shringar, Karuna and Veera. Poem content represents mood and have sentiments associated, the classification of emotions become more challenging when the language is… 
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