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Automatic Intelligent Traffic Control System

  title={Automatic Intelligent Traffic Control System},
  author={Linganagouda and P. Vijnatha Raju and Anusuya Patil},
Traffic congestion is the biggest problem faced by densely populated countries like India, China etc. So, our project focuses on three areas-Ambulance, Priority vehicles (like VIP cars, police jeeps) and Traffic density control. The project is a replica of a four way lane crossing of real time scenario. In the first part, concentrated on problems faced by Ambulances, RFID concept is used to make the Ambulance’s lane Green and thus providing a stoppage free way for the Ambulance. In the second… 

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A density based adaptive traffic signal system which will not only reduce traffic jams but it will also reduce accidents which often happen at the traffic light intersections because other vehicles had to huddle in a hurry for making way for emergency vehicle.

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The developed system has proven to be smart and intelligent and capable of curbing incidences of traffic malpractices and inefficiencies that have been the bane of current traffic congestion control systems in emerging cities of the third world.


A smart traffic control System (STCS) using radio frequency Identification (RFID) is proposed, which addresses all traffic related issues, not just traffic jam.

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Software that takes a picture or video is customized to be used in the future to control the traffic light sign by giving each sign sufficient time, depending on the number of cars on each direction.

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IJSRD-International Journal for Scientific Research & Development| Vol. 6, Issue 02, 2018 | ISSN (online): 2321-0613

This paper proposes the alternate approach to improve the traffic conditions using IOT, which includes higher priority for emergency vehicles like Ambulance such that the lane that contains emergency vehicle would go first until emergency vehicle passes.

Digital Technologies and Complexes for Provision of Vehicular Traffic Safety

To improve identification of transports by digital complexes of automatic photo and video fixation, the authors of the article have proposed own technical solutions, prepared the list of their functional capabilities and proposed the method of interaction between information and analysis system with.

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This project is used to reduce the work load of traffic police and also to people follow traffic rule strictly in order to avoid accident.

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The proposed system not only eliminates the waiting period of emergency vehicles but also reduces the response time to emergency vehicles through the various methods implemented to control the traffic signal.



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A framework for a dynamic and automatic traffic light control system and a simulation model coded in Arena are designed to help design the system to solve traffic congestion in a large city.

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An iterative learning approach for the freeway density control under ramp metering in a macroscopic level traffic environment that can effectively reduce the oscillator of traffic density, and can achieve a desired traffic density along the freeway mainline.

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Simulation results illustrate the performances of the proposed state-estimation technique using only a limited amount of data for real-time traffic state estimation in developed countries.

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The proposed smart traffic controller system is able to realise three kinds of traffic flow optimisation strategies, which are green time split and time slot timing, green time extension or vehicle actuated green time and offset optimisation strategy.

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The handbook of smart antennas for rfid systems is universally compatible with any devices to read and is available in the digital library an online access to it is set as public so you can get it instantly.

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