Automatic Detection of Discourse Structure by Checking Surface Information in Sentences


Ill this [)~/I)(?l" , WL' [)1'()])(1:-;4! ~lll ~lt l{ ,() l l l~l l i (! i i lO l ] l ( ) ( [ for det.octing disc.oiirse, s l r t l c l , l i r e IlSillgj ;i var iely of chics exisLhig in I.]ie surf;ice info lunal ion of ~>euten('es. ~,Jl/(? [lilVC cousi(ler(!(] l,[il'(!e Dyl)eb o1' (:hie illFOl'lllfll, iou: (;lil(? (~Xl)l'eS;y;ioIIS, occl i l ' r (~ l i… (More)

3 Figures and Tables


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