Automatic Computation of Feynman Diagrams

  • R. Harlandera
  • Published 1998


Quantum corrections signiicantly innuence the quantities observed in modern particle physics. The corresponding theoretical computations are usually quite lengthy which makes their automation mandatory. This review reports on the current status of automatic calculation of Feynman diagrams in particle physics. The most important theoretical techniques are introduced and their usefulness is demonstrated with the help of simple examples. A survey over frequently used programs and packages is provided, discussing their abilities and elds of applications. Subsequently, some powerful packages which have already been applied to important physical problems are described in more detail. The review closes with the discussion of a few typical applications for the automated computation of Feynman diagrams, addressing current physical questions like properties of the Z and Higgs boson, four-loop corrections to renormalization group functions and two-loop electroweak corrections.

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