Automated user interface testing for web applications and TestComplete

  title={Automated user interface testing for web applications and TestComplete},
  author={Samer Al-Zain and Derar Eleyan and Joy Garfield},
Automated software testing is an important and time-saving activity used by software testing teams, working on rapid and large scale software projects. TestComplete is an example of a currently widely used testing tool. However, its test recorder tool shows some weaknesses when using GUI (Graphical User Interface) test recording, for dynamic web applications. After recording a GUI test using TestComplete recorder, TestComplete fails to run again later on, because some of the onscreen objects… 

Automating UI Tests for a Web Application Using Test-Complete

The thesis resulted in a step-by-step description of automating user interface tests with TestComplete which can guide testers through the test automation process and give tips for creating more reliable test scripts.

Web 2.0 Testing Tools: A Compendium

Some of the widely known tools and models as far as web testing is concerned areveyed.

A method for Automated User Interface Testing of Windows-based Applications

This paper proposes a method for automated user interface testing of Windows-based applications to increase the accuracy in identifying the target widgets or executing several interactions and contributes some techniques to detect hidden widgets which considering as one of the most challenging problems inuser interface testing.

A survey on software test automation return on investment, in organizations predominantly from Bengaluru, India

A survey and analysis is presented to understand the ROI of test automation from industry test professionals from both product and services organizations.

SUPERNOVA: Automating Test Selection and Defect Prevention in AAA Video Games Using Risk Based Testing and Machine Learning

Using risk scores generated by a semi-supervised machine learning model, SUPERNOVA is able to detect with 71% precision and 77% recall the probability of a change-list being bug inducing, and provide a detailed breakdown of this inference to developers.

Plasticity of user interfaces: formal verification of consistency

This paper addresses the problem of verifying UI adaptation by means of formal methods and proposes three approaches, all of them supported by the CADP toolbox and LNT formal language.

Comparing GUI Automation Testing Tools for Dynamic Web Applications

A survey on automation testing tools for web applications shows that free and simple tools can be more powerful and time saving, compared to commercially sophisticated and expensive tools.

On the Large-scale Graph Data Processing for User Interface Testing in Big Data Science Projects

This study addresses the lack of capability and development of a methodology that can support the usage of large-scale dynamic URL datasets in UI test script generation and introduces a higher quality testing methodology to make the results more accurate.

Automated Mobile UI Testing of Cross -Platform Based on Computer Vision

A Proposed Framework Using Exploratory Testing to Improve Software Quality in SME’s

A new framework has been proposed using Exploratory Testing that has not been used in the context of SME’s which aims to improve software quality and identify the research gaps in the existing approach.



Implementing Automated Software Testing: How to Save Time and Lower Costs While Raising Quality

Implementing Automated Software Testing, three leading experts explain AST in detail, systematically reviewing its components, capabilities, and limitations, and walk you through the entire implementation process identifying best practices, crucial success factors, and key pitfalls along with solutions for avoiding them.

Software Testing

Software Testing will show you what it takes to be a successful software tester, assuring that you discover those nasty bugs before your customers do.

Object-Oriented Software Engineering Using UML, Patterns, and Java

This book uses examples from real systems and examines the interaction between such techniques as UML, Java-based technologies, design patterns, rationale, configuration management, and quality control.

Agile Testing: A Practical Guide for Testers and Agile Teams

Agile Testing provides comprehensive coverage of the issues testers face when they move to Agile: from tools and metrics to roles and process.

Object-Oriented Software Engineering

A text on industrial system development using object- oriented techniques, rather than a book on object-oriented programming. Will be useful to systems developers and those seeking a deeper

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