Automated surgical step recognition in normalized cataract surgery videos

  title={Automated surgical step recognition in normalized cataract surgery videos},
  author={Katia Charri{\`e}re and Gw{\'e}nol{\'e} Quellec and Mathieu Lamard and Gouenou Coatrieux and B{\'e}atrice Cochener and Guy Cazuguel},
  journal={2014 36th Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society},
Huge amounts of surgical data are recorded during video-monitored surgery. Content-based video retrieval systems intent to reuse those data for computer-aided surgery. In this paper, we focus on real-time recognition of cataract surgery steps: the goal is to retrieve from a database surgery videos that were recorded during the same surgery step. The proposed system relies on motion features for video characterization. Motion features are usually impacted by eye motion or zoom level variations… CONTINUE READING