Automated semantic tagging using fuzzy grammar fragments


One of the bottlenecks preventing wider adoption of the semantic Web is the overhead in annotating existing Web content. In cases where we have unstructured text, it is useful to extract fragments of structured data which can then be used as the basis for automatic tagging. A common approach is to use pattern matching (e.g. regular expressions) or more general grammar-based techniques, but these are not robust against small deviations. Fuzzy grammars allow partial matches, and we outline an efficient parsing technique to determine the degree to which a string is parsed by a grammar fragment. A simple application shows the methodpsilas validity.

DOI: 10.1109/FUZZY.2008.4630678

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@article{Martin2008AutomatedST, title={Automated semantic tagging using fuzzy grammar fragments}, author={Trevor P. Martin and Yun Shen and Ben Azvine}, journal={2008 IEEE International Conference on Fuzzy Systems (IEEE World Congress on Computational Intelligence)}, year={2008}, pages={2224-2229} }