Automated protein fold determination using a minimal NMR constraint strategy.

  title={Automated protein fold determination using a minimal NMR constraint strategy.},
  author={Deyou Zheng and Yuanpeng Janet Huang and Hunter N. B. Moseley and Rong Xiao and James M. Aramini and G. V. T. Swapna and Gaetano T. Montelione},
  journal={Protein science : a publication of the Protein Society},
  volume={12 6},
Determination of precise and accurate protein structures by NMR generally requires weeks or even months to acquire and interpret all the necessary NMR data. However, even medium-accuracy fold information can often provide key clues about protein evolution and biochemical function(s). In this article we describe a largely automatic strategy for rapid determination of medium-accuracy protein backbone structures. Our strategy derives from ideas originally introduced by other groups for determining… CONTINUE READING

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