Automated processing of human bone marrow grafts for transplantation.

  title={Automated processing of human bone marrow grafts for transplantation.},
  author={J Zingsem and Thomas A. Zeiler and R Zimmermanm and Volker Weisbach and H Mitschulat and H Schmid and J{\"o}rg Beyer and Wolfgang Siegert and Reinhold Eckstein},
  journal={Vox sanguinis},
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Prior to purging or cryopreservation, we concentrated 21 bone marrow (BM) harvests using a modification of the 'grancollect-protocol' of the Fresenius AS 104 cell separator with the P1-Y set. Within 40-70 min, the initial marrow volume of 1,265 ml (+/- 537 ml) was processed two to three times. A mean of 47% (+/- 21%) of the initial mononuclear cells was… CONTINUE READING