Automated light- and dark-adapted perimetry for evaluating retinitis pigmentosa.

  title={Automated light- and dark-adapted perimetry for evaluating retinitis pigmentosa.},
  author={Samuel G. Jacobson and Wolfram Voigt and Jean Marie Parel and Peter P. Ap{\'a}thy and L Nghiem-Phu and Suzanne Myers and Vittorio Patella},
  volume={93 12},
Visual fields and dark-adapted thresholds, essential measurements of visual function in patients with retinitis pigmentosa (RP), are usually performed manually. The authors have modified a computerized perimeter to perform automated light- and dark-adapted static perimetry across the visual field of RP patients. Results permit assessment of the level of visual disability in the light and dark and also help define subtypes of RP. 

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