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Automated free text marking with Paperless School

  title={Automated free text marking with Paperless School},
  author={Oliver Mason and I. Grove-Stephensen},
The Paperless School automarking system utilises a number of novel approaches to address the challenge of providing both summative and formative assessments with little or no human intervention. The Paperless School system is designed primarily for day-to-day, low stakes testing of essay and short-text student inputs. It intentionally sacrifices some degree of accuracy to achieve ease of set up, but nevertheless provides an accurate view of the abilities of each student by averaging marks over… 
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The design, implementation and evaluation of an automatic marking system based on Latent Semantic Analysis and designed to grade paragraph responses to exam questions is described and the tests that were conducted to test its efficacy are described.
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The results show that the scores are low and AMS-SAE could award similar marks as the human awarded and the average point different between the marks computed by AME and human are 0.049, 0.028 and 0.18.
Automatic Assessment of Short Free Text Answers
This paper addresses the assessment of short free text answers by developing a system that captures the way the teacher evaluates the answer, and shows that there is a good correlation between the evaluation of the instructor and the evaluation performed by the system.
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A survey of current approaches to the automated assessment of free text answers is presented and the following systems will be discussed: Project Essay Grade, Intelligent Essay Assessor (IEA), Educational Testing service I, Electronic Essay Rater, C-Rater, BETSY, IntelligentEssay Marking System, SEAR, Paperless School free text Marking Engine and Automark.
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1 Introduction Student's written responses are the basis of much of the learning activity in tertiary education. These include essays, reports, and short answers. The approach that tertiary teachers
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