Automated assay optimization with integrated statistics and smart robotics.

  title={Automated assay optimization with integrated statistics and smart robotics.},
  author={Paul B Taylor and Fran Stewart and D J Dunnington and Susanne Quinn and Christian Schulz and Kalindi S Vaidya and Edit Kurali and Tracey Lane and Wenfang C Xiong and Taylor P. Sherrill and Joseph Snider and Nynke Terpstra and Robert P. Hertzberg},
  journal={Journal of biomolecular screening},
  volume={5 4},
The transition from manual to robotic high throughput screening (HTS) in the last few years has made it feasible to screen hundreds of thousands of chemical entities against a biological target in less than a month. This rate of HTS has increased the visibility of bottlenecks, one of which is assay optimization. In many organizations, experimental methods are generated by therapeutic teams associated with specific targets and passed on to the HTS group. The resulting assays frequently need to… CONTINUE READING