Automated Mapping of Local Radiology Terms to LOINC

  title={Automated Mapping of Local Radiology Terms to LOINC},
  author={Daniel J. Vreeman and Clement J. McDonald},
  journal={AMIA ... Annual Symposium proceedings. AMIA Symposium},
We developed an automated tool, called the Intelligent Mapper (IM), to improve the efficiency and consistency of mapping local terms to LOINC. We evaluated IM's performance in mapping diagnostic radiology report terms from two hospitals to LOINC by comparing IM's term rankings to a manually established gold standard. Using a CPT-based restriction, for terms with a LOINC code match, IM ranked the correct LOINC code first in 90% of our development set terms, and in 87% of our test set terms. The… CONTINUE READING

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