Automated Evaluation of Text and Discourse with Coh-Metrix: Introduction

  title={Automated Evaluation of Text and Discourse with Coh-Metrix: Introduction},
  author={Danielle S. McNamara and Arthur C. Graesser and Philip M. McCarthy and Zhiqiang Cai},
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A Method for Automatically Analyzing Intelligent Tutoring System Dialogues with Coh-Metrix.
Coh-Metrix can be used to reliably assess tutorial dialogues and make inferences about the mental representations of people engaged in conversation with an ITS based on observable characteristics of the statements people make. Expand
Exploring relationships between automated and human evaluations of L2 texts
This study describes the automated evaluation of 104 English as a second language texts through use of the computational tool Coh-Metrix, which was used to generate indices reflecting text cohesion, lexical characteristics, and syntactic complexity. Expand
Coh-Metrix Measures Text Characteristics at Multiple Levels of Language and Discourse
How these five factors account for text variations are reviewed, which increases with low narrativity, syntactic complexity, word abstractness, and high cohesion, and a composite measure called formality are reviewed. Expand
Analyzing Discourse Processing Using a Simple Natural Language Processing Tool
A simple NLP (SiNLP) tool is introduced and made available to proliferate the use of NLP in discourse processing research and an instantiation and empirical evaluation of the linguistic features measured by SiNLP are provided to demonstrate their strength in investigating constructs of interest to the discourse processing community. Expand
The tool for the automatic analysis of text cohesion (TAACO): Automatic assessment of local, global, and text cohesion
P predictive validation of TAACO is provided and the notion that expert judgments of text coherence and quality are either negatively correlated or not predicted by local and overall text cohesion indices, but are positively predicted by global indices of cohesion is supported. Expand
Correlations Between Textual Features and Grades on The Swedish National Exam in English: A Coh-Metrix Analysis
Researchers and educators do not always have a clear idea about how evaluators actually go about assessing student texts. On the one hand, grading criteria are often vague and differ across locationsExpand
Language and Discourse Analysis with Coh-Metrix: Applications from Educational Material to Learning Environments at Scale
The goal of this article is to preserve and distribute the information presented at the LASI (2014) workshop on Coh-Metrix, a theoretically grounded, computational linguistics facility that analyzesExpand
Automatic Evaluation of Cancer Treatment Texts for Gist Inferences and Comprehension
GIS appears to be a useful, theoretically motivated supplement to FKGL for use in research and clinical practice and seems to better lend themselves to correct responses using different words. Expand
The Language of Instruction: Compensating for Challenge in Lectures
Recent studies have used Coh-Metrix, an automated text analyzer, to assess differences in language characteristics across different genres and academic disciplines (Graesser, McNamara, & Kulikowich,Expand
Learning Analytics for Academic Writing through Automatic Identification of Meta-discourse
This thesis evaluates a particular language analysis tool, the Xerox Incremental Parser (XIP) as an exemplar of this type of automated technology and suggests key elements that make for good quality student writing in the social sciences, where XIP seems to work best. Expand