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Automated Construction and Analysis of Political Networks via Open Government and Media Sources

  title={Automated Construction and Analysis of Political Networks via Open Government and Media Sources},
  author={Diego Garcia-Olano and Marta Arias and Josep-Llu{\'i}s Larriba-Pey},
We present a tool to generate real world political networks from user provided lists of politicians and news sites. Additional output includes visualizations, interactive tools and maps that allow a user to better understand the politicians and their surrounding environments as portrayed by the media. As a case study, we construct a comprehensive list of current Texas politicians, select news sites that convey a spectrum of political viewpoints covering Texas politics, and examine the results… 
CS 388, Fall 2018 Final Project: Link Detection in Political Networks
In this work we consider the task of link detection using a combination of natural language processing, network analysis and graph embedding methods over realworld politician networks. Networks for


Toward the Automatic Extraction of Policy Networks Using Web Links and Documents
This paper estimates the strength of relations between actors in policy networks using features extracted from data harvested from the web, which include webpage counts, outlinks, and lexical information extracted from web documents or web snippets.
Extracting and Learning Social Networks out of Multilingual News
This paper presents here the experience in building social networks by the extraction of relationships between entities all automatically derived from multilingual news articles.
Unsupervised Learning of Social Networks from a Multiple-Source News Corpus
An unsupervised syntaxbased algorithm for learning of Social Networks from different news sources that performs automatic paraphrase learning and multiple-source relation extraction and a novel syntactic graph matching algorithm is put forward which facilitates the method scalability.
Connections between the lines: augmenting social networks with text
A novel probabilistic topic model is presented to analyze text corpora and infer descriptions of its entities and of relationships between those entities and it is shown qualitatively and quantitatively that the model can construct and annotate graphs of relationships and make useful predictions.
A Literature-Based Approach to a Narco-Network
The analysis presented here remarks the importance of the text mining tools to understand relationships among individuals –specially the qualitative character of the interactions– which could be difficult by using other approaches.
Building and displaying name relations using automatic unsupervised analysis of newspaper articles
A tool that, from automatically recognised names, tries to infer inter-person relations in order to present associated people on maps and allows extracting statistical co-occurrences of persons and visualising them on a per-person page or in various graphs is presented.
A probabilistic model for linking named entities in web text with heterogeneous information networks
SHINE is proposed, the first probabilistic model to link the named entities in Web text with a heterogeneous information network to the best of the authors' knowledge and an effective iterative approach to automatically learning the weights for each meta-path based on the expectation-maximization (EM) algorithm without requiring any training data.
NewsNetExplorer: automatic construction and exploration of news information networks
The proposed NewsNetExplorer system combines a set of news information network exploration and mining mechanisms that explore news in multi-dimensional space, and helps to gain insight on how to perform effective information extraction, integration and mining in large unstructured datasets.
Facetnet: a framework for analyzing communities and their evolutions in dynamic networks
This paper proposes FacetNet, a novel framework for analyzing communities and their evolutions through a robust unified process, where communities not only generate evolutions, they also are regularized by the temporal smoothness of evolutions.
Bringing Structure to Text : Mining Phrases , Entity Concepts , Topics , and Hierarchies — Proposal for a Tutorial at KDD 2014 Conference —
Mining phrases, entity concepts, topics, and hierarchies from massive text corpus is an essential problem in the age of big data. Text data in electronic forms are ubiquitous, ranging from scientific