Automated Alarm System for Diaper Wet Using GSM


Wearing a wet diaper for prolonged periods, cause diaper rash. This paper presents an automated alarm system for Diaper wet. The design system using an advanced RF transceiver and GSM system to sound an alarm on the detection of moisture in the diaper to alert the intended person to change the diaper. A wet diaper detector comprises an elongated pair of spaced fine conductors which form the wet sensor. The sensor is positioned between the layers of a diaper in a region subject to wetness. The detector and RF transmitter are adapted to be easily coupled to the protruding end of the elongated sensor. When the diaper is wet the resistance between the spaced conductors falls below a pre-established value. Consequently, the detector and RF transmitter sends a signal to the RF receiver and the GSM to produce the require alarm. When the diaper is changed, the detector unit is decoupled from the pressing studs for reuse and the conductor is discarded along with the soiled diaper. Our experimental tests show that the designed system perfectly produces the intended alarm and can be adjusted for different level of wet if needed.

DOI: 10.1109/CSE.2014.330

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