Autolytic Processing of Dimeric Plant Virus Satellite RNA

  title={Autolytic Processing of Dimeric Plant Virus Satellite RNA},
  author={Gerry A. Prody and John T. Bakos and Jamal M. Buzayan and Irving R. Schneider and George E Bruening},
  pages={1577 - 1580}
Associated with some plant viruses are small satellite RNA's that depend on the plant virus to provide protective coat protein and presumably at least some of the proteins necessary for satellite RNA replication. Multimeric forms of the satellite RNA of tobacco ringspot virus are probable in vivo precursors of the monomeric satellite RNA. Evidence is presented for the in vitro autolytic processing of dimeric and trimeric forms of this satellite RNA. The reaction generates biologically active… 
Satellite tobacco ringspot virus RNA: A subset of the RNA sequence is sufficient for autolytic processing.
It is shown here that transcripts of full-length and truncated DNA clones of the satellite RNA sequence also process in a nonenzymic reaction, and one such transcript was an RNA that has about one-fourth of theatellite RNA sequence, representing the 3'-terminal and 5-terminal portions of monomeric RNA joined in the junction that is cleaved in dimeric RNA.
RNA Self-Cleavage by the Hammerhead Structure
The in vitro RNA self-cleavage reactions that have been extensively characterized in viroid, virusoid and satellite RNAs, in hepatitis delta virus (HDV) RNA and in an RNA transcript of a repetitive DNA element in the genome of the newt are discovered.
Non-enzymatic cleavage and ligation of RNAs complementary to a plant virus satellite RNA
The transcription in vitro of a circularly permuted, complementary DNA clone of STobRV RNA oriented so as to produce RNA that is complementary to the encapsidated, (+) polarity STob RV RNA is reported.


A replication cycle for viroids and other small infectious RNA's.
Experimental data concerning viroid-specific nucleic acids accumulating in tomato plants establish the major features of a replication cycle for viroid RNA in plant cells, and suggests a role for endogenous small RNA's in cellular development.
Satellite-like Particle of Tobacco Ringspot Virus That Resembles Tobacco Ringspot Virus
A satellite-like nucleoprotein serologically indistinguishable from multicomponent tobacco ringspot virus, also resembles it in size, shape, and electrophoretic mobility. Although the protein shell
Catalytic activity of an RNA molecule prepared by transcription in vitro.
The RNA moiety M1RNA of ribonuclease P from Escherichia coli and the unprocessed transcript prepared in vitro of the gene for M1 RNA can both perform the cleavage reactions of the canonical enzyme in the absence of the protein moiety.
Longer-than-unit-length viroid minus strands are present in RNA from infected plants.
Enzymatic studies indicated that these viroid minus strands are composed exclusively of RNA and, as extracted, are present in complexes containing extensive double-stranded regions, and a model for the structure of the viroid replication intermediate is proposed.