Autologous bone-marrow stem-cell transplantation for myocardial regeneration.

  title={Autologous bone-marrow stem-cell transplantation for myocardial regeneration.},
  author={Christof Stamm and Bernd Westphal and H. -D. Kleine and Michael Petzsch and Christian Kittner and Heiko Klinge and Carl Schuemichen and Christoph A. Nienaber and Mathias Freund and Gustav Steinhoff},
  volume={361 9351},
Implantation of bone-marrow stem cells in the heart might be a new method to restore tissue viability after myocardial infarction. We injected up to 1.5x10(6) autologous AC133+ bone-marrow cells into the infarct border zone in six patients who had had a myocardial infarction and undergone coronary artery bypass grafting. 3-9 months after surgery, all patients were alive and well, global left-ventricular function was enhanced in four patients, and infarct tissue perfusion had improved strikingly… CONTINUE READING


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