Autoinducers Act as Biological Timers in Vibrio harveyi

  title={Autoinducers Act as Biological Timers in Vibrio harveyi},
  author={Claudia Anetzberger and Matthias Reiger and Agnes Fekete and Ursula Schell and Nina Stambrau and Laure Plener and Joachim Kopka and Phillippe Schmitt-Kopplin and Hubert Hilbi and Kirsten Jung},
  booktitle={PloS one},
Quorum sensing regulates cell density-dependent phenotypes and involves the synthesis, excretion and detection of so-called autoinducers. Vibrio harveyi strain ATCC BAA-1116 (recently reclassified as Vibrio campbellii), one of the best-characterized model organisms for the study of quorum sensing, produces and responds to three autoinducers. HAI-1, AI-2 and CAI-1 are recognized by different receptors, but all information is channeled into the same signaling cascade, which controls a specific… CONTINUE READING


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