Autoimmunity induced by interferon-alpha therapy for chronic viral hepatitis.

  title={Autoimmunity induced by interferon-alpha therapy for chronic viral hepatitis.},
  author={Franz Ludwig Dumoulin and Ludger Leifeld and Tilman Sauerbruch and Ulrich Spengler},
  journal={Biomedicine & pharmacotherapy = Biomedecine & pharmacotherapie},
  volume={53 5-6},
Type I interferons, which are mostly alpha-interferons (either as single agents or in combination with antiviral drugs), are currently the standard therapy for chronic viral hepatitis B, B/D, and C. Side-effects are not uncommon and include exacerbation of pre-existing autoimmune disorders or the de novo induction of autoimmunity. These adverse effects are attributed to the immunomodulatory properties of type I interferons, and should be distinguished from autoimmunity associated with chronic… CONTINUE READING
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